Friday, February 6, 2009

Doing What I Can, By Using What I Do Best

It's been an ongoing commitment for me to do whatever I can to help shelter animals find loving furever homes. From my beginnings, when I traveled the country, photographing animals behind cages waiting for their perfect person to come walking through the door, to now seeing all the animals up for adoption because of housing foreclosures or with owners who can simply no longer afford to keep them, I have wanted to help these animals, because they simply cannot help themselves.

In the beginning, I would photograph animals at shelters, go to my studio, paint them, and when the piece sold, I would donate a percentage from the sale back to that shelter so that they may continue to save more animal lives and continue to house my inspirations. Now, my schedule does not allow me to travel the country and help out individual shelters all across this great nation, which is a source of much sorrow for me.

No longer, though, because I have developed programs that will help any non-profit animal welfare organization raise money through my artwork. These programs are outlined on a page on my website, It's the introduction to a whole website designed for shelters.

I am sure this program will help shelters across the country save lives, and continue my dedication to finding all animals their perfect Furever Homes!

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