Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fawn and Bobcat are Best Friends

Because I'm an animal lover, I get a lot of great stuff from my animal loving friends. Here is one of the latest... I think this story broke in May, so I may be a little behind, but the pictures are just adorable. So if you've already seen them, I'm sure you won't mind seeing them again!

The Jesusita Fire in Santa Barbara, CA caused these two to take shelter together. The fawn was 3 days old and the bobcat was about 3 weeks. The fawn came from somewhere in the fire and the bobcat from Carpentaria, apparently near Arnold Schwarzeneggers ranch. The poor bobcat was dehydrated and near death. They immediately bonded and snuggled together under a desk in the Santa Barbara County Dispatch Office for hours.

Although wild animals, especially of separate species, are never place together due to regulations, in the emergency situation, they had no choice. Rescuers were forced to put animals anywhere they could, since they had run out of crates large enough for the fawn. The bobcat cub ran to the fawn, it was instant bonding, and that's why we have these pics!


  1. SO inspiring and lovely! As a lifelong cat lover/rescuer/advocate, I'm so glad these two were rescued!

  2. too damn cute--there's hope for all