Friday, March 13, 2009

My Name: Ron Burns, My Game: Helping Animals

Shelter animals have always held a warm little fuzzy place in my heart, and not because they're furry, but because it just feels so good to find a new friend who hasn't had it easy. And, as I and so many other people that have adopted animals discover...although we may think we have rescued them, they ultimately end up rescuing us.

I get asked all the time to help animal welfare organizations across the country, with my time, talents, or money, and it breaks my heart that I can't do everything with everyone. In order to do so, I'd probably need 26 hours in each day, 14 painting hands, and billions of dollars.

Still, I always want to think about ways to help out these organizations that do so much for the animals that I love. That's why I have created a whole new site for shelter people to visit. It has a few programs to help raise money for the animals, through the use of my fine art and my Little Orphan Animals characters.

To see more details about the non-profit site, please visit Or, to see my Little Orphan Animals and even purchase apparel or merchandise, visit our on-line store

I hope you like everything, and also hope you tell your favorite animal welfare group about these great opportunities!

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  1. Wow, I saw your painting for this and it is so sweet and beautiful.
    Congratulations for your work and it is such an effective representation!