Friday, April 17, 2009

My Week - In Review

First I want to thank Kelly and Victoria, two wonderful interior designers, who have a great blog called Design Ties, at Kelly wrote a great and flattering blog entry about my art and is sharing it with all her blogger friends through a community where people share what they're "hooked on" each Friday at This community is a great way to share with people across the country and even the world what is new and currently inspiring them, something I truly believe in and completely love! Please check out both sites, and support these wonderful bloggers!

My week started out pretty crazily with the Obama dog selection. With just one simple comment on my Facebook page, people started a heated debate about the situation right there on my profile! As I was in sort of down spirits about the whole debacle, a shining little spark of joy, hope, and beauty came when I heard about Susan Boyle. In case you're not among the 20 MILLION people who have seen Susan's You Tube performance on the British talent show, Britain's Got Talent, check it out here. I just think it's great to see someone who refuses to give up on their dream, and it inspired me to renew my dedication to my dream - that one day, there will be no more lonely and I-want-to-be-loved eyes from orphaned dogs and cats looking up at me from behind caged-in doors. What's your dream?


  1. Ron, You wear your heart on your sleeve! Do you know the saying: "Let go. Let God."? Let Obama go. As for Susan Boyle - she kicked the world's butt! Beauty is not always in the eye is it?
    Hope this makes you feel better: I was inspired by you to create a new piece of art for our Humane Society's Art Auction benefit. Before I left the dinner, the Executive Director of the Western Arizona Humane Society approached me to be part of a new Art Advisory Board! Honored hardly touches it. Thanks for the inspiration to do more. (Well Duke had a lot to do with it!)

  2. Ron, thank YOU for taking the time to answer my questions :-) My blog post wouldn't have been anywhere near as good if you hadn't participated!!

    I'm so happy to see that people who hadn't heard of you and your work left really wonderful, positive comments :-) In case you missed it, here's one that was addressed to you:

    "Susan Lang said...
    Ron, growing up we had a family mutt, sometimes referred to as a heinz 57 variety, name Brownie! When she died we got another mutt and named her Brownie and then another and named her Brownie! Three bronwies! I guess my mother was "Hooked" on the name Brownie! Love your art... vibrant colors and you capture the emotion/expression of the dogs...I am partial to dogs."

    I love how your art really touches people :-) Keep doing the great work that you do!!!

    I heard about Susan Boyle yesterday morning on the news. I checked out the video on YouTube, and was absolutely floored. She's not only an amazing singer, but also truly humble and so appreciative of the opportunity she had to shine.

    She's proof that if you can dream it, you can do it!! I hope your dream of no more orphaned dogs & cats comes true. We just need more people like you to dream that dream too!! :-)

    Thanks again :-)

    Kelly @ DesignTies

  3. That's how I found you Ron! Thanks Kelly at Design Ties through Julia at Hooked on Houses. Funny how the internet works! Love you work, and am very serious about you doing our dog Sophie and our cat Baby.

  4. We love your work and what you do for the animals! Keep doing what you are doing.